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Peer Review #3

Peer Review #3


Without reading her content writing yet, I noticed the designs and the user experience throughout her blog. I liked how there were many visuals and vibrant colours used. As well as the easy navigation when finding other content. 

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Peer Review #2

Peer Review #2

*I had to choose another website because my assigned partner’s website was inaccessible. It said forbidden and I don’t have permission.*
I chose to peer review, Makenna Gardner from tutorial 2.

My Thoughts on EverythingKenna

Without reading just yet, I liked the structure

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Peer Review #1

Peer Review #1

My Thoughts On KeptCollexion created by Eliza (aka Peanut)

Her Content and Online Self

From reading her posts, she incorporated many references to the weekly readings. She engages with the readings and makes clear connections to her personal life and on her experiences, or her … Continue Reading

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