Alyssa Pacamarra

What Should I Be Doing?

Dear Diary,

I was having a conversation with my brother. He’s been a person who is all about learning and growth and someone I look up to. He told me something which seems plain and clear where he explained how my goals aren’t specific and the lack of an action plan I have towards it but the thing is, I haven’t done any of them yet and hoping future me, will somehow do it.

It’s the start of the New Year and I haven’t made much progress on my New Year’s Resolution. As well as any small changes towards these goals. School started and this is my time to be better and be on top of it all. 

Here are my New Year’s Goals – 

My New Year’s Resolution (Created on Jan 2)
Being more mindful and meditation 
Sleep Schedule 
Adding more movement in my day (exercising)
Build better school habits

I didn’t want to add more to this list because these are the important ones I needed to prioritize. I’ll be creating action plans for all and recording my growth.  

I’ve chosen to start with one of the goals and work through the others slowly. I’ve chosen the first one to work through and feel that working on being mindful/ meditation will help me in all aspects of my life.

I’ve started listening to some podcasts and currently my favourite podcast artist is Jay Shetty.

There is a picture of the ones I have downloaded and have yet to listen to. But I’ve listened to wise words on his ways to turn overthinking to thinking effectively. 

It’s simple to listen and then go on with your day because I’ve read motivational books before and have yet implemented them into my life.  

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