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Process Post #4

The audience I have envisioned were people around my age because what I write may be more impactful for them and understand better. However, my content is suited for all ages, this is more about myself, mindfulness and my experiences. This doesn’t affect how I choose to write and design my website because I want to be myself. There are many people in the world who also think like me, it’s more of them being able to find me. But i do know I try to find ways to catch my audience’s attention, like using visuals, catchy titles, and try to put out interesting content. 

Reading: In a Digital World, Are We Losing Sight of Our Indigitized Past

When I read this reading, I thought it was a little extreme. There were valid points but the time we live now is changed to help make people’s lives better than before. I can understand how some people may get lost in all this new change but there are many people that appreciate and acknowledge the past.

This generation also doesn’t want to repeat any past mistakes from history either. I feel this generation is more open to new changes and working on creating a better future. We will continue to develop our technologies and knowledge. Our history will always show us where we were and teach us other ways and in a different perspective. But people also need to accept that the world is always changing. It doesn’t mean we will forget our history because we learned from it and now people want is greater change.


Leetaru, K. (2017, September 29). In a Digital World, are we losing sight of our undigitized past? Forbes. Retrieved January 31, 2023, from 

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