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Process Post #5

Change Was Bound To Happen 

A lot has happened within this week, so I decided to change the content of my website. I felt I had no idea what to write or the things I was writing about didn’t excite me. My website was about mindfulness and the tone in my writing was serious. It was leading me to share more personal experiences that I enjoyed keeping to myself. After thinking about it for a few hours, I realized I want to change the whole mood of my content. Change my writing to be more playful and exciting for the audience. When I was creating my most recent content post, I enjoyed what I was writing about and that is what truly matters to me. I know I can change up the tone a little bit but I want it to more light-hearted. I know that is the type of person I am and would enjoy that type of content. If I enjoy what I’m writing, I think the audience can hear it as well.

My new content can still relate to mindfulness but I want it more on the fun side and just doing some challenges. I’ve been doing these random challenges lately and already have pictures on my phone. It was more for personal fun but this can be the type of content I can do and share with audience.

Reading: Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet

Throughout this reading, I could relate a little to the first part of how she felt about her website and wanting change. I may not feel like I want to grow my own digital garden but having your own digital garden can be very fulfilling. This was my first time hearing about Digital Gardens and it has similarities to blogging but of course its differences too. On my website, I’m speaking to the audience, but as for digital gardening it’s speaking to yourself. In the article Tanya says “the whole point of digital gardens is that they can grow and change, and that various pages on the same topic can coexist”. This is very interesting, but doing so, it does requires a lot of time and effort.


Basu, T. (2020, September 3). Digital Gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet. MIT Technology Review. Retrieved February 14, 2023, from 

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