Alyssa Pacamarra

Move, I need to get to the Bathroom!

Dear Diary,

New Challenge, I chose to drink 2 ½ gallons of water for one week. I realized I don’t drink enough water daily. Drinking water is so important and thought this was a great challenge to do. This is a healthy habit I should be doing more and it provides so many health benefits.

Some Benefits of Drinking More Water

  • Helps With Your Health
  • With Your Skin
  • Weight Control
  • Better Digestion
  • Kidney Function
  • Energy Booster


Day 1: Completed 

It’s only the first day, oh goodness, I didn’t realize I drank not enough water in a day. I had
to go to the bathroom so often.

Day 2: Completed

Day 3: Completed

I wasn’t able to drink that much in the morning because I woke up late. It feels good
drinking water, and I don’t want to chug a lot which can be bad to be caught up. Just sips
here and there while I study. 

Day 4: Completed

Day 5: Completed

Carrying my bigger water bottle is heavy, it’s not only the water but the bottle itself. For
drinking water, it was good but just using the bathroom frequently. I added some fruits
inside to make it tastier today and it changed a little but I still enjoy plain water. 

Day 6: Completed

Day 7: Completed

Last day, finally done!

My Experience

This was a fun challenge, even though I had to go to the bathroom quite a lot. This felt cleansing and made me start drinking water again. I’ve never really been a fan of pop or juice so I don’t really drink those and just water. But I just haven’t been getting enough liquid in my body. What made it easier is having a larger bottle beside me, I used to carry a small one and that would require me to get water every so often. But for my bigger bottle, I could refill it 1-2 times a day. One thing I did notice was the improvement of my digestive system and the energy boost. I usually feel a little sleepy throughout the day but the last couple day of this challenge, I felt energized. 


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