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Process Post #6

New Ideas and Positive Changes

I haven’t added many visible changes to my website other than content/process post wise at this moment. I’ve been looking through some different themes but I keep going back to my current one. I like the clean and simple way to navigate through my blog.

Recently, I changed the content and created a brainstorming/outline of the content I want to be posting. I did this for my previous content but when I started to sit down and write my content, even then I was stuck and had no spark in the matter I was writing about. I thought the idea I had was perfect but it became difficult because I didn’t know much about mindfulness and balance. I was supposed to be learning as I go but some days I couldn’t practice it and would leave me not having much to write about.

This new outline had helped much more because I like my current idea/goals much more. This helped me to plan ahead as well as helped me think of new ways I can add to my website. For example, how I choose to write my content.

A couple weeks ago I knew I wanted to change but didn’t know what to do. My initial content was of mindfulness and goals but I changed it to random challenges. But as I write my content and my brainstorming, I thought why don’t I combine my two ideas. I’ll have my challenges based around mindfulness and balance. I find it more creative and the challenges I give myself are finite. Before I felt restricted on the things I wrote, as well as the serious tone which I felt I needed to keep consistent during my future posts.

Rereading my last process post and content, I have an idea how I want to approach my content. I’ll be going back to fix many of my previous content so it’s consistent. Everything started to become more clear to me and I had this new flow. I felt the need to fix my website to the way I envisioned it. My vision keeps changing but changes for the better and I think I’m on the right step towards it. 

I haven’t published my content 5 because I just wasn’t happy with it yet. I want to fix my content 4 because it looks boring now and I need to add more writing/visuals. COLOUR is also missing.

Reading: Contents May Have Shifted

During this reading, I started to notice a few of the shifted changes in the forms of content. I usually don’t read the newspaper or do much reading in general besides social media, and I agree that is not great. The first change I did notice was the newspaper because there was never really time I read the newspaper. I don’t see it as often as I used, I remember people handing out newspaper to our house but now no one does it anymore. The last time I grabbed the newspaper, was the SFU student newspaper but I took it because I wanted to play Sudoku. I find it saddening for the newspaper industry, it’s been here for a long time. But because all this developing technology, we rely on our devices to inform us about things.


Kissane, E. (n.d.). Contents may have shifted. Contents May Have Shifted. Retrieved February 27, 2023, from 

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