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Dear Diary,

A little challenge I decided to do is fixing my sleeping schedule. Within the last couple months, I’ve been sleeping way later than I usually do. I think this will be a great way to help push me into the right direction and prioritize my sleep.  

My Thoughts

I should really prioritize my sleep more. But I know this will be difficult because one of the main reasons is because of my phone. There’s just something about having the night to yourself, you have your peace and get to do anything without anyone disturbing you. I have the time to catch up with friends or simply watch shows or be on social media. When compared to the daytime, being on my phone and in bed makes me feel guilty because I’m supposed to be doing something productive. My daytime is when I’m supposed to be working hard and completing my tasks. I’m definitely not perfect and that doesn’t happen sometimes, I just know I’m supposed to HA HA HA.

Action Plan

So we know using my phone is one of the big reasons I don’t sleep early. That’s going to take some discipline and consistency. I usually sleep between 1-3am and wake up between 9-11am unless I have something to do earlier in the morning. I agree it’s not very great to sleep. I decided to gradually sleep earlier and this will help me decide what time to wake up. 

I’ll first start by trying to sleep around 12:30am, and wake up around 9am. I’m aiming to sleep between 11-11:30pm and wake up between 7-7:30am.  


Day 1: Completed ✅

Day 2: Completed ✅

Day 3: Completed ✅

Day 4: Completed ✅

Day 5: Completed ✅

Day 6: Completed ✅

Day 7: Completed ✅

My Early Bird Experience 

It’s the end of the week with this whole experience. It wasn’t as difficult in the beginning because at the same time I’ve been doing more work in the day and tiring myself at the end of the night. I watched a tiktok saying I’m in sleep debt and it stated all the negative side effects lack of sleep can do to you. I’ve heard about it before but I don’t know why this one video scared me more than all those years of people saying it’s bad not to sleep enough. 

I can say I’ve gotten better at sleeping earlier but the waking up part is still not good. It’s not that I can’t wake up, It’s more like I keep waking up. I have 1½ month puppies and they wake me up in the middle of the night at least for the first couple days. It definitely impacts my sleep but at the same time I love them way too much to not wake up. At first the puppies would whine and I would wake up but now I just wake up for no reason. I need to research that because I need to fix the quality of my sleep. 

Other than that, I like sleeping earlier. This has helped me to prioritize my sleep. Now I need to figure out how to continue sleeping because there’s no reason for me to be awake. 

Overall, great experience, I envy people who sleep and feel energized but just you wait, I’ll be like them too one day!

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