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Why Am I so Angry All The Time?

Dear diary,

Lately, I’ve been feeling angry, annoyed at myself and around me. These feeling of anger, resentment and just negative emotions aren’t going away. Sometimes I don’t feel in control of my emotions. I want to dive deeper into these feelings and understand why I feel like this. I’ve never really been an angry person, before I would get mad but I was able to get over them easily or quickly. Recently now, it takes much more mental capacity and effort. I guess it could be school and other life events that I should take into account.

I started reading an article about my anger issues because it started impacting me more in my daily life and into my relationships. I found this a good article to help bring awareness if you are also feeling similar to me. I’m feeling hopeful about how I can be myself again.

Everyday is a new day. I should try to think in a different perspective rather than the old way of seeing. I guess first step is awareness, similar to how I would approach my overthinking. I needed to stop and think in another perspective when placed in this negative area in my head. It’s crazy how intense my thoughts can be and the bad habits I would do after feelings these emotions. I should definitely start now then later.

I time I caught myself was when I wanted to get angry at my boyfriend. I was picking at small things, this didn’t feel good at all but my anger was through the roofs in my head. It wasn’t even something I would be angry about. Somehow I found myself asking myself, why are you really angry? does this thing really bother you or is it something else? It was another part of my brain fighting hard to understand why I was like this and it just made me stop and think.

I try to catch myself when I find myself getting this way, but I know I need much more practice.


Why Am I Always Angry Article –

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