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Process Post #7

Website Design Elements

I feel I don’t list much website rather than SFU canvas and YouTube. I haven’t really thought of the design elements because I was focused on the content than the actual website. I went back and looked up YouTube and I never really noticed but I like the designs they use. The icons are clean and simple and the website is well structured.

The website I chose was

I’m just looking though the main page but I found what works is the contrast colours of the dark background and the coloured text. The typeface is clean and simple to read, because some typefaces are hard to read when the background is very dark. It could be straining to the audiences eyes but this website doesn’t do that. I found what doesn’t work was how it was all organized, it looked a little cluttered and I looked all over the place. What I did for my website was I used figma to create same sized post images to have that organized, aesthetic look.

Reading: Something Is Wrong On The Internet

In this reading, I found it disturbing that adults would add concerning stuff into children’s content. Children are innocent and can pick up on things easily. But even said this, people won’t stop doing these actions. It’s best to be aware of these inappropriate material and be cautious of what younger kids can be seeing and/or hearing. I know how inappropriate the internet can be even on kids content. I have a little sister and I was watching something she liked to watch. But I was disturbed to see the actions of the characters and refocused my little sisters attention on that show. I told my parents about the incident and that’s when we started to monitor what she was watching. I have a personal experience and I wouldn’t want kids to be seeing this disturbing material.


Bridle, J. (2018, June 21). Something is wrong on the internet. Medium. Retrieved March 1, 2023, from 

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