Alyssa Pacamarra

Peer Review #3


Without reading her content writing yet, I noticed the designs and the user experience throughout her blog. I liked how there were many visuals and vibrant colours used. As well as the easy navigation when finding other content. 

In her blog most of her posts are about Genshin Impact (a video game) and then other personal interests like kpop, school and traveling. Her different content topics are a little random when it comes to her website’s marketability because some aren’t relevant to one another and tough for a specific target audience. But my thoughts on who her directed audience was mostly towards younger people, like high school to university students but open to everyone. Since some of her content is widely different, some of her audience may only pay attention to certain posts/content.   

When reading her posts, her content and design stayed consistent within the sub topics for her targeted audience. In the reading, A Personal Cyberinfrastructure, it talks about the importance of managing our digital lives (Campbell, 2009). Amy’s website is a personal blog and would be writing content that is personal to her. In her posts, there is passion in the tone of her writing and how she structures them which is engaging. I can feel she’s happy with her type of content and wants to share with others who feel the same. Amy puts up her social media, clear for her readers to see and click if they wanted to know more. She takes ownership of her digital presence and is building up her skills to keep her audience engaged (Campbell, 2009). 

I don’t have much constructive criticism, because I found her blog consistent, good quality with simple navigation, good visual appeal and engaging content. I can say she was consistent with her tone and style and the quality. She has her writing grammar checked and proof read. It’s all clear and organized, making it simple for her users to understand. I’m able to navigate easily around Amy’s website, and can simply access other recent posts. This is great because they don’t have to search for it and can get to the post with one click. And by seeing other posts, it can prolong the stay of her audience and read other related content. Amy also makes sure to add images and colours to help keep her readers focused and understand clearer.


Overall, I enjoyed learning and reading about Amy’s interests. With all these added little details, she created a lovely website. She built a good foundation for her website, she is consistent and keeps up with good content quality for her audience. We’re still learning how to create a good website, but for her personal blog, I feel she’s been organized and has done a great job to get to where she is now. 


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