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One step at a time

Dear Diary, 

Ever since the reading break, I haven’t been feeling myself. I love all the challenges I’ve been doing but the next couple posts I want to challenge myself deeper. And slightly take a step into a different approach 

New Challenge – Walking Everyday in Nature

I found this to be the perfect way to step aside from all the noise and clutter happening around me. One of my first walks, I brought my dog, Teeno and we both enjoyed stepping out even if it was a little chilly. There was snowing but the weather won’t stop me from being outside. There’s just something about being outside that calms me and lets me be present in the moment. 

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been stepping out when the sun is setting because I love sunsets. The long day is over and I end it by watching the sun slowly go down and as it gets darker, the bright stars are shining up above. At times like this, I’m just immersed in what’s around me. No distractions, no phone, but just me in silence, and my activated senses.

I forgot to take some pictures of my walks. I have past pictures within this year of all the nature places I’ve been to. Just look at how beautiful these pictures are!

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