Alyssa Pacamarra

Bonding Time

Dear Diary,

The New Challenge I’ve given myself, is called The Blind, Mute and Deaf Challenge this post will be a little different. 
Shoutout to my older and younger sister for joining me.

What is this Challenge?

This is where each person will lose one of their senses, either in their ears, mouth, or eyes. We have to try to effectively communicate while we try to bake.

The Experience

I really enjoyed this challenge, we got some delicious treats to eat at the end, unless one of us did something horribly wrong. And the funny thing is, we actually messed up, more like I did. I added too much butter but it still tasted good in the end, I’d call that practically a success. It’s kind of bad for our health but still a small success haha

The whole experience was amazing, I got to bond with my sisters. We laughed very much because some of us weren’t very helpful (my older sister) and just how we communicated with one another. My older sister played a blind character and she couldn’t do as much as my younger sister and me.

We recorded our whole challenge but it’s almost an hour long. Here are some moments of this challenge that I really enjoyed.
My little sister was mute, I was deaf, and my older sister was blind

In summary, devoting time to our loved ones can greatly boost mindfulness. As we get older, we often lead fast-paced lives, juggling multiple responsibilities and distractions. However, intentionally spending quality time with our loved ones, it brings us to be fully present in the moment and engage in meaningful interactions.

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