Alyssa Pacamarra

What Am I Grateful For?

Dear Diary,

This is a sad and happy ending, happy because the semester is ending but sadly because we get to see our final grades. But all jokes aside, I’m really grateful for many things like the classes I chose this semester. And one of these classes is PUB101, which is by far my favourite course I’ve ever taken in SFU. I get be creative and create this whole website for myself. Time really went by quickly because last time I remember I was having trouble just setting up my website. I learned a lot about my online identity, how I want to be seen/heard by others, privacy, the difficulties of being in the public face and much more.

This was my only class I had in burnaby and a tutorial all the way in Vancouver. But I’m grateful for all of this, all my classes are usually in Surrey but this term was different. I got to travel farther and see different scenery. I especially enjoyed the tutorial all the way to Vancouver. I thought I enrolled into a tutorial in burnaby but when I checked the location it said Vancouver. At first I was like, no I need to somehow get into the burnaby tutorial but it was all full. Then I thought maybe this was supposed to happen, I love the saying Everything Happens For A Reason. Transit to Vancouver is much easier than burnaby and I’m grateful the tutorials don’t end late because after I like to explore downtown. However, though burnaby requires more bus/skytrain changes, I like being on the Burnaby campus. I probably only been to the burnaby campus like a couple times before, I felt like I was a first year who didn’t know their way around. But this class and tutorial let me explore and do things I wouldn’t usually get the chance to do on an ordinary day.

Therefore, I’m grateful for PUB101 for letting me bring out my creative side, being able to think more like a publisher, and being able to explore the things I don’t usually.

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