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Process Post #9

Reading: Digital breadcrumbs: the data trail we leave behind us

I knew we had digital breadcrumbs but I didn’t know the seriousness and danger that would come with it. I do find this frightening and though I never really had security issues (thank goodness) but after reading this, I feel I wanted to change up my passwords and be more aware of my information. I understand that this is to help cater to the individuals likes and needs but it feels like an invasion of privacy. However, I understand that we also somewhat provide our information to websites, apps, and more because that is what’s needed to continue on.

This may be related because I know my phone is always listening to me to cater to my needs, involuntarily. I remember talking about eye contacts with my sister because I wanted them when I would play sports. I did not search it up once but I started seeing ads of eye contacts on my instagram and I was just shocked. But this is a normal thing apparently, there was a trend on TikToks and people would speak to their friends, partners, siblings phone and would get bombarded with ads the person was repeatedly saying. It shows how our devices have so much access to our personal everyday life.

This is also frightening because our information can get hacked and/or accessed by people. We should have control over our personal information because it’s related to us and we should feel assured that our information is staying only where we want it to be.


Pod Academy. (2016, May 3). Digital Breadcrumbs: The data trail we leave behind us. Digital breadcrumbs: the data trail we leave behind us. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from 

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