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For my website, I finally added images into the featured image posts. I had different images but it was all different sizes and it messed up the appearance of my website. I then went on figma and created images all the same size and would make the images all consistent. I first thought to add different images but I like the simple look of a light solid colour and the text placed on top. I already have images within the post and didn’t feel the need to add different images.

Reading: 15 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

When first starting this reading, I didn’t know what SEO stood for or meant. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization and the process of making your site better for search engines” – SEO starter guide. I have created a list of all go Hollingsworth points

  1. Organic search is a primary source of website traffic.
  2. SEO builds trust and credibility for a brand.
  3. SEO helps understand consumer intent and behavior.
  4. Good SEO results in a better user experience.
  5. Local SEO increases engagement, traffic, and conversions.
  6. SEO improves website visibility and searchability.
  7. SEO helps stay ahead of the competition.
  8. SEO is a long-term investment with high ROI.
  9. SEO complements other marketing strategies.
  10. SEO helps target relevant keywords and optimize content.
  11. SEO improves website loading speed and performance.
  12. SEO helps in building a user-friendly website.
  13. SEO is essential for mobile search and voice search.
  14. SEO helps in brand building and online reputation management.
  15. SEO provides valuable insights and analytics for business decision-making

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These are very valuable information if I wanted to make my website more known to the public. In the past, I did have an idea in to create a website but I wanted it to be like my portfolio and record the progress of my work and teach others. However, that hasn’t gotten off the ground because I haven’t had much work that I could record and haven’t thought of how I would get this all started. However, even though I haven’t started when I do create that website, I would like for it to have a SEO. As for my website right now, I strive in creating a user friendly website and having a better user experience.


Hollingsworth, S. (2021, August 9). 15 reasons why your business absolutely needs seo. Search Engine Journal. Retrieved March 28, 2023, from 

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