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Process Post #11

It’s near the end of this semester and was looking through my website looking for ways to improve it. I haven’t added my socials yet because I didn’t know how but I finally found how I could do it. This all happened because I was just playing around with the tools, but it took time to get to how I like it. Last time I almost gave up and was going to remove them because before they were too bold and was placed in a weird spot. It just didn’t fit in well, I felt it was too much for my website. But I randomly clicked on this one button and somehow I didn’t see this before, but it made my icons look much better and this other button fixed the position.

Reading: ‘Where I can be myself … where I can speak my mind’ : Networked counterpublics in a polymedia environment

We were also discussing something similar in class and I feel people should be able to have a say in what they believe in, even if it is opposing the social norms. This is as long as the individual isn’t disrespectful to the other viewpoint, and this goes for the other viewpoint. Everyone will have different opinions about certain issues because we are all different with different beliefs. The football player that didn’t want to wear the pride shirt, I can understand his perspective even if I am a person that would wear the pride shirt. He has a platform but he isn’t spreading hate or being disrespectful just his own beliefs, which is okay to do. However, with a big platform there will be people who aren’t very openminded to other beliefs and he will get sad angry comments. But this shouldn’t stop anyone with a big platform to not say their own perspective on matters just because it may upset other people.


Renninger, B. J. (2014, April 9). “where I can be myself … where I can speak my mind … – sage journals. SAGE Journals. Retrieved April 4, 2023, from


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