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Process Post #13

In my website, I noticed some inconsistencies and will be fixing them, I really like the structure of my current posts and will do it for may earlier posts. My content goes from serious and light-hearted because I feel my topic mindfulness can be approached in both ways. Some content posts I like to really dive deep into the mindfulness aspect but other days I only dive into the imoacts of what I did recently and how it changed my way of thinking. If read between the lines, it all relates to mindfulness.

Reading: Make Your Thing

I should’ve read this article earlier because it’s very insightful and positive when starting something new.

  1. Start Now by Kate Beaton: The key to success is to start making stuff now, even if you don’t have all the tools or technical skills
  2. Make Deadlines by Jonathan Coulton: Don’t be too precious about your work and don’t procrastinate
  3. Keep Your Legs Moving by Killer Mike: Even when faced with setbacks, keep pushing forward.
  4. Don’t Confuse Content & Medium (Boing Boing):
  5. Be authentic:
  6. Follow Your Passion by Chris Hardwick:
  7. Focus on Great Work by Merlin Mann:
  8. Connect With People You Like: Collaborate with other creators to leverage each other’s strengths and reach.
  9. Own What You Create by Felicia Day: Value your creative work and take ownership of it to build equity and control your own destiny.
  10. Find the Money by Kasper Hauser: Experiment with different revenue streams and be open to unconventional ways of making money from your creative work.
  11. Build a Community by Insane Clown Posse: Value your creative work and take ownership of it to build equity and control your own destiny.
  12. DO A GOOD JOB: Be persistent and resilient in the face of rejection and setbacks, and keep pushing forward with your creative projects.

List Created by chatgpt

This works for everything, from the last couple process posts I talked about creating a website portfolio and I feel I should just start it. I can slowly add my work, I don’t need to have it all thought out yet because the first step is starting it. Because before I know it, I’ll feel like it’s too late and I missed my chance. What makes me feel better is I already created this website and I gotten to learn my abilities as a content creator. I believe I can do this.


Thorn, J. (2012). Make Your Thing. Transom. Retrieved April 12, 2023, from 

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